Development of Teams

Whether your organization is a major, for-profit corporation or a small non-profit, the difference between being great versus just good is in the people and how they work together as a team.

The Birkman Method, along with effective coaching, is the ideal tool for building and maintaining strong teams that perform at a high level. By understanding each team member’s unique personality and strengths, the team can be leveraged to achieve great teams with resulting organizational success.

In addition, when 2 or more team members seem to have conflict, the Birkman’s Comparative Report can focus on better understanding and conflict resolution.

It's a Great Investment in You & Your Team!
What is a highly functioning team worth? For the small fee of $299 for each team member, you will receive a comprehensive insight into your interests, needs and your stress behavior (see the sample reports to the right) and a 60-90 minute conversation about your Birkman Signature report. Discounts are available for 3+ team members. It's a great investment and satisfaction is guaranteed!

It's Easy to Get Started!
Just call or email me to get the conversation started. Once your goals are clear, we will propose a plan that includes just the right Birkman reports and time to go over the report in person, by phone or on-line meeting.

And, once we agree to a plan, payment is easy using PayPal (using my account name, Chase QuickPay or by check or credit card.

Tell Your Friends about It!
If you find that the information you receive from the Birkman report & our conversation is a great one, tell your friends, family members & business associates about it & earn a $25 referral incentive for each one. It's just a small way for me to thank you! Just tell them to mention you when they contact me.

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Coaching using the Birkman Method can help team members to appreciate differences and each other’s underlying needs.

Birkman Signature Report
(Click image to view report)

This Birkman Signature report is one of the most comprehensive career tools on the market. It uses statistical data to determine your interests, most productive behavior, hidden needs & stress factors. It also includes your strengths, career exploration & a deep analysis of the 9 components of your personality.
Group Birkman Map
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This four-page group report can plot multiple people's scores on the Birkman Map. Four dimensions: Interests, Usual Behavior, Needs, and Stress Behavior are measured.
Coaching Page
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This is a one-page summary of the Birkman Component information that includes both key strengths and suggestions for coaching. The top section summarizes a person's style in four key areas; the bottom section provides coaching prescriptives on each of the Birkman Components that demonstrate a significant score.