Who We Are

Founded in 2003, Marketing & More Consulting is a marketing, branding and communications consulting firm that can help you exceed your goals by creating customized business and marketing solutions that deliver impactful experiences to your customers and add to your bottom line.

What We Do…

Marketing to grow your business is so much more than a good website, social media presence or a printed brochure. Growing your business is people business. While we can support your strategic and tactical marketing needs, we wake up every day inspired to help business managers become better leaders, create high-performing teams and delight their customers…all while growing sales and profits. Our niche, and what separates from others, is business and marketing coaching laser-focused on leadership and team development to support the growth of your business.

How we can help your business…

Just imagine the impact on your business if…

  • Your business and your employees were perfectly aligned with your customers’ needs
  • Your team worked in a mutually-beneficial way and enjoyed working together
  • Your employees saw you as their mentor and coach to guide them and help them succeed
  • You knew how to motivate each employee individually to get the most out of them
  • You better recognized your own challenges and could work through them
  • You understood the strengths and challenges of each employee and how to develop them into more productive team members
  • You hired new employees that you knew would be great additions to the team