Align Your Passions and Interests to Your Career

Whether you are looking for your college major, first career, a new career direction, growth in responsibilities, or improved relationships at work and home, the process begins with self-awareness.

The Birkman Method helps you understand what energizes your behavior – your internal strengths; what stresses you out; how you manage these stresses; how you relate to others; and what inspires you to be your best.

We use The Birkman Method personality assessment results to guide your path, bringing clarity and confidence to your decisions and defining the choices that will position you for greater success and well-being.

While there are several reports that can support your career exploration, the 15 page Birkman Career Exploration report is the foundation. To see what this report provides, click on the report sample image to the right.

High School Student Unsure of Their College Major?
The Birkman Career Exploration report is the perfect resource to match their interests and needs with just the right college major to consider. Not sure if college is right for them? The Birkman will help them identify possible career paths too!

The Small Fee is a Great Investment in your Future!
What is an informed career or major guidance worth? A great decision could mean tens of thousands or more over your lifetime! For the small fee of $199, you will receive a comprehensive insight into your interests, needs & organizational fit (see the sample report to the right) & a 60-90 minute conversation about your career exploration report. It's a great investment and satisfaction is guaranteed!

It's Easy to Get Started!
Just call or email me to get the conversation started. Once your goals are clear, we will propose a plan that includes just the right Birkman reports and time to go over the report in person, by phone or on-line meeting.

And, payment is easy using PayPal (using my account name, Chase QuickPay or by check or credit card.

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Whether it’s your first career or a significant change later, the Birkman can inform your career decisions, supporting you for greater success and happiness.

Sample Career Exploration Report
(Click image to view report)

This report is one of the most comprehensive career tools on the market. It uses statistical data to determine the careers that can lead to occupational satisfaction, which is helpful for determining fit or exploring future opportunities within an organization.