Develop Better Leaders

Birkman Leadership Development is not only a competitive advantage for executives, but also for the team and organizations as a whole.

Foster Leadership that Inspires

Leading is about connecting with people, not just about setting the strategic direction of a team. True connection and understanding allows leaders to motivate and empower the human capital within their organizations. Leaders must develop astute awareness of their behavior and how it is received by others.

Empower through Self-Assessment
When aware of themselves and others, leaders can have lasting impacts on those looking up to them, far beyond their organizational roles. Accurate awareness of one's own personality is the cornerstone for successful leadership development.

When leaders can consistently leverage their own strengths and mitigate negative and reactive behaviors, they are empowered to become better leaders of others.

The Birkman provides deeper self-awareness and others-awareness, giving leaders insights into what their team members need to be at their best.

Birkman provides insights that help leaders:

  • Leverage their natural leadership style
  • Know how to stay re-charged
  • Remain effective in high pressure moments
  • Lead others in ways that will meet their needs

It's a Great Investment in You!
What is your leadership worth? For the small fee of $299, you will receive a comprehensive insight into your interests, needs and your stress behavior (see the sample reports to the right) and a 60-90 minute conversation about your Birkman Signature report. It's a great investment and satisfaction is guaranteed!

Want additional coaching? We can do that too! Let's identify your needs and we will propose a plan and fees.

It's Easy to Get Started!
Just call or email me to get the conversation started. Once your goals are clear, we will propose an initial and on-going plan that includes just the right Birkman reports and time to go over the report in person, by phone or on-line meeting.

And, once we agree to a plan, payment is easy using PayPal (using my account name, Chase QuickPay or by check or credit card.

Tell Your Friends about It!
If you find that the information you receive from the Birkman report & our conversation is a great one, tell your friends, family members & business associates about it & earn a $25 referral incentive for each one. It's just a small way for me to thank you! Just tell them to mention you when they contact me.

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Insights from The Birkman Method help leaders discover the personality strengths that enable them to thrive!
Birkman Signature Report
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This Birkman Signature report is one of the most comprehensive leadership development tools on the market. It uses statistical data to determine your interests, most productive behavior, hidden needs & stress factors. It also includes your strengths, career exploration & a deep analysis of the 9 components of your personality.