Enjoy a Purposeful Retirement

You have earned it! Most people like you can look forward to decades of enjoying the fruits of your working life. But, how can you make this time purposeful and rewarding?

Whether you transition to working part-time, start something you have always wanted to do, volunteer by giving back to your community, these decisions can be better informed using the Birkman Method.  We can offer insight and recommendations for making your retirement years the greatest chapter of your life!

We can work with retiring individuals and couples to better understand your interests, strengths, personality and needs to determine the activities that truly inspire and give you a rewarding retirement.

The Small Fee is a Great Investment in your Future!

What is a fulfilled life in retirement worth? For the small fee of $199, you will receive a comprehensive insight into your passions and interests (see the sample report to the right) and a 60-90 minute conversation about your retirement plans. It's a great investment and satisfaction is guaranteed!

It's Easy to Get Started!

Just call or email me to get the conversation started. Once your goals are clear, we will propose a plan that includes just the right Birkman reports and time to go over the report in person, by phone or on-line meeting.

And, once we agree to a plan, payment is easy using PayPal (using my account name michaelhagan48@att.net), Chase QuickPay or by check or credit card.

Why not make your retirement the most rewarding part of your life? The Birkman can help do this!

(Click image to view report)

This report uses statistical data to determine the interests and passions that can lead to satisfaction in your later years. Still want to work? It also helps identify the areas to consider.