Stop Selling...Start Understanding

Sales Begins & Ends with People
High-level sales and negotiations are based on developing relationships. Because people are at the heart of relationships, sales men and women need to develop a keen awareness of themselves and the individuals with whom they interact.

Greater self-understanding allows salespeople to better leverage their natural sales types or personalities. Coupled with a greater understanding of others, salespeople are able to adjust their approach to better meet the needs of their audience.

Leverage your Natural Sales Style
Since everyone is unique, the way in which salespeople achieve sales goals should be aligned with their strengths and personalities.

Because people and personalities are complex, the behavioral traits exhibited during a sales call should be tailored to the natural strengths of the sales person, as well as the people receiving the messages.

Birkman helps individuals understand themselves and others in order to create a more effective and natural sales experience.

The Small Fee is a Great Investment in your Future!
What is it worth to better understand your natural sales personality? A great decision could mean tens of thousands or more over your lifetime! For the small fee of $299., you will receive a comprehensive insight into your sales style, interests, needs & stress factors. (see the sample report to the right) & a 60-90 minute conversation about your report. It's a great investment and satisfaction is guaranteed!

It's Easy to Get Started!
Just call or email me to get the conversation started. Once your goals are clear, we will propose a plan that includes the Birkman reports and time to go over the report in person, by phone or on-line meeting.

And, payment is easy using PayPal (using my account name, Chase QuickPay or by check or credit card.

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By increasing your self-awareness, Birkman empowers sales people to leverage your own strengths & negotiate more powerfully

Sample Sales Personality Report
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This report is one of the most comprehensive sales personality tools on the market. It uses statistical data to determine your sales style that can lead to a successful sales career and personal and professional satisfaction.