The Birkman Method

The Birkman report is relevant throughout your life. Once you have taken the test, you can use your results as you encounter new situations, find yourself struggling, or consider changing your personal or professional direction.

The Birkman Method is a valid and reliable personality assessment that supports individuals and organizations to achieve very high levels of performance and fulfillment in their personal and professional pursuits. A wide range of related reports are generated from the assessment to facilitate:

The Birkman Assessment

The entire process starts with a 298-question, online questionnaire, which takes 30-45 minutes to complete. The assessment combines motivational, behavioral and interest evaluations to generate one comprehensive analysis.


The Birkman is a complex variety to include:

  • Your usual behavior (you at your best)
  • Your motivational needs (which can be quite different than your usual style and may be invisible to others)
  • Your likely stress behaviors when your needs are not met

Most personality assessments readily identify your strengths or “usual behavior.” Birkman takes it one step further by identifying your motivational needs and stress behaviors – information that is extremely valuable for your own self-awareness, for your personal relationships and for finding your ideal work environment.

One Assessment with Many Applications

Scores of reports can be generated from the data you provide in your one Birkman assessment.

  • Reports like “Biggest Mistakes You Can Make,” “Handling Conflict,” “Increasing Sales Effectiveness,” “Leadership Style,” “Needs at a Glance” and “The Job Search: My Strengths” contain specific, descriptive and actionable insight and advice for you and for those who interact with you, both at home and the office.
  • Reports like “Comparative Report” compare two individuals’ results to give practical information about their specific conflicts and how they might resolve them.

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    The Birkman Method, with focused coaching supports individuals, teams and organizations to achieve outstanding results. 

    The Birkman Signature Report
    (Click the image to view the report)

    The Birkman Signature report is a great place to start with the Birkman Map, Birkman Interests, Birkman Components, Birkman Insights, and Career Exploration overview.
    Birkman Insights Report
    (Click the image to view the report)

    The Birkman Insights report is topic-driven and expresses the interests, usual behavior, needs and stress behavior in easy to understand written statements.